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What are labor law posters?

Labor law posters are the mandated state and federal employment law notices that employers with at least one employee or more are required to conspicuously post in an area frequented by all employees. Failure to display the correct state and federal employment law notices can result in penalties, fines and lawsuits.

What labor law posters are required for my business?

Federal labor law posters are generally the same for most businesses across the country. This includes the federal minimum wage, Employee Polygraph Protection, OSHA, FMLA, USERRA, and EEO. As far as state mandated posters, they vary from state to state. You can usually find out what is required by a individual state by visiting its Department of Labor Site. Labor Poster Services, has made it simple so you can just choose your state and it will show you the required labor law posters for your state.You can view your state's requirements by clicking

What happens if I do not post mandated labor law posters?

Failure to post the required, current state and federal employment law notices can result in fines up to $7,000. Fines vary by poster and the agency requiring the poster. Fines range from $110 to $10,000. The maximum fine is usually applied only if the employer repeatedly or knowingly violated the law. It is not common for state or federal agencies to inspect your workplaces specifically for labor law posters, although it can happen. In most cases, a federal or state agency investigates your workplace and having the correct labor law posters displayed are part of their investigation.

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